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Traffic and Road Safety

Traffic and Road Safety

Group Chair: Stuart Colbron

Working group for road safety and traffic management professionals from local authorities across Scotland to discuss issues that affect them.

Current issues include accident data, road safety campaigns, traffic signals, safety cameras, pavement parking (Transport (Scotland) Act 2019), National 20mph Strategy, road safety improvement funding from Transport Scotland, Scottish Road Research Board projects, plus any other business members wish to raise for discussion and advice.

We work with Transport Scotland, the Scottish Road Safety Partnership, and Police Scotland on a regular basis and others where required.

Download the National Calendar of Road Safety Activity 2024/25

Upcoming Working Group Meetings

11 June 2024, 10am- 12pm, MS Teams

10 September 2024, 10am- 12pm, MS Teams

10 December 2024, 10am- 12pm, MS Teams