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Group Chair: Gary Neill

Vice Chair: Stuart D’all

The SCOTS Roads Group’s purpose is to engage with industry and academia and share good practice across roads authorities in Scotland. We will provide a consistent, knowledgeable and professional voice across all aspects of road maintenance and management. Representation on the UK Roads Board will enable Scotland to contribute to national guidance and consultations.

The group will, through the Winter Maintenance Sub-Group, engage in benchmarking and monitor developments and share good practise to ensure a consistent approach to service delivery to the road user across Scotland.

The group will, through the Development Control Sub-Group, liaise with appropriate bodies and national agencies to ensure a consistent approach to design of spaces by developers. It will also liaise with Scottish Water in terms of agreed ownership and maintenance of surface water drainage assets.

The group will update, through the Policy Development Sub-Group, guidelines and upcoming consultations regarding legislation and guidance.

Visit the Winter Maintenance Sub-Group

Update - June  2024

There is an in-person meeting planned for 14th June in Perth. Prominent members of the community, Stuart D'All and Ian Lennock, are both retiring and this will be their last meeting.

Kenneth Brown (West Lothian) replaces Stuart as Vice Chair. No volunteers for Secretary have been forthcoming.

The Roads Development Control Sub Group has been reformed and will be up and running soon.

A Short Life Working Group has been established to consider private EV Charging on street given the latest DFT Grant Funding. Inaugural date is planned for 28th June. Support from SRRB is possible, too.

Upcoming Meetings

14 June 2024, Perth