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Flood Risk Management

Flood Risk Management

Group Chair: Susan Veitch

Vice Chair: Brian Templeton

Secretary: David MacPherson

The FRM group provides a network to share good practice between local authorities and the wider flooding stakeholder community. The group enables concerns and issues regarding flood related matters to be discussed openly and honestly, anything from legislation, guidance, implementation, to funding. The remit for the group covers flooding from all sources, climate change, coastal adaptation and any other related matter.

The group also encourages local authorities, to share knowledge of projects, solutions, and approaches to actively support the adoption of best practice. It also identifies potential issues and or legislative changes that could impact on the delivery of flood risk management, canvassing local authority opinions and engaging with SCOTS Executive to highlight these issues.

Members of the group are actively involved in several national and local groups such as Scottish Advisory and Implementation Forum on Flooding (SAIFF), National Funding Group, Flood Resilience Strategy, Surface Water and Drainage Policy Development and Planning and Flood Risk Working Group.

A number of external stakeholders are invited to the FRM Group meetings, these include but are not limited to: Scottish Government, SEPA, Transport Scotland, Scottish Water, Network Rail, SNIFFER, CREW and Scottish Flood Forum. The group actively encourages and welcomes collaboration with a number of stakeholders.