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Group Chair: Donald MacPherson

Vice Chairs: Derek Davidson, Maria Lucey

The Bridges Working Group’s purpose is to improve the acquisition and exchange of knowledge and good practice in the management, design, construction, repair and maintenance of bridges, culverts, road tunnels and retaining walls.

Through regular meeting attendance and representation, the group engages and maintains links with several organisations and agencies including; the UK Bridges Board, ADEPT National Bridges Group, UK Bridge Owners' Forum, the Scottish Road Research Board and Network Rail.

Working with the Asset Management Group,  the group continues to implement the Code of Practice for Well Managed Highway Infrastructure as well as encourage adoption of the Risk Based Works Prioritisation methodology.

The group also hosts training events to support of bridge inspector training and certification and disseminates developmental updates to the network as appropriate. Through these and other activities the group helps to ensure SCOTS members can apply a consistent approach and that bridges asset management is fully developed within members Roads Asset Management (RAM) plans.