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5 June 2024

Gary Neill receives SCOTS Achievement Award

Gary Neill commended for work with Roads Group and support for the work of SCOTS.

Ewan Wallace with Gary Neill, the SCOTS 2024 Achievement Award WinnerGary Neill was presented with the SCOTS Achievement Award 2024 at the SCOTS Annual Conference in May 2024.

Gary enthusiastically chairs the SCOTS Roads Group, going above and beyond to contribute to Society business. The Award recognises his commitment to SCOTS and willingness to help colleagues across the sector.

SCOTS Chair and vice-chairs approved the nomination stating: “Gary Neill is exactly the type of young professional that SCOTS needs to represent and reinvigorate the Society and his achievements through the Roads Group deserve to be recognised.

“He is the ‘go to’ group chair for many officers across Scotland and he readily contributes to enquiries and consultations, even when he really doesn't have the capacity to do so.”